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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Fish4info blog is moving

Fish4info blog is moving, will now be -

fish4info will remain open for the time being

Christmas, ARE you Ready ?

Are you all ready for christmas, or ready as you can be?

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Blackberry Torch Picture Sending problems, cant send pictures

I Have been trying to send pictures with my Blackberry torch 9800 and havnt been able to do so, many people have been having this problem and cant figure out what the problems are, many suggestions are to go through settings and so on, nothing works, many people say to turn your phone off and take battery out and then switch it back on, it doesnt work after all this, you start getting pi**ed off. I will tell you what i did and it worked! All you need to do is TURN OFF YOUR WI FI (wi fi) Connection on your phone everytime you want to send a picture, because when wi fi is turned on it tries to send the picture through the wi fi connection which it doesnt work, give it a go and see what happens, leave a comment to let people know if this has worked for you...........